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Living well and at peace is possible.

COVID-19 Update: We are accepting new clients and offering both virtual and in office sessions.

Experiencing anxiety, sadness, or just feeling stuck?
We work with adults, couples, teens, and children 
to help you feel better through specialized therapy. 

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We are here for you.

Living well and at peace is possible.

We believe you deserve specialized care. We work with adults, couples, teens, and children 5+  feeling stuck in patterns that are no longer serving them. This often shows up as anxiety, worry, panic, depression, self-criticism, grief, relationship difficulties, trauma, indecisiveness, perinatal concerns, and major life stress. 

We are a team of seven certified specialists covering all mental health struggles, parenting, couples counselings, & more. 

Located less than one mile from Clemson University, we created a soothing environment and a scheduling system that never keeps you waiting long.  We understand that many people have worries about beginning counseling.  By combining strong evidence-based techniques with a creative, personalized approach, we give our clients the best care in the Upstate. 

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- Services for women, men, and teens struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, life transitions, and career concerns 
- Specializes treatment of adults with a variety of disabilities including developmental, acquired, age-related, and other with recreation therapy background 
- Uses Solution-Focused Treatment, Strengths-Based, Feminist Theory, and CBT

Lynne Cory, PhD LPC
Mental Health Therapist



- Specializes in ADHD, emotional regulation, anxiety, depression, challenges in school, increasing communication, and life transitions
- Works with children and teens ages 5 to 18 and college aged adults 
- Believes that treating children requires work with the whole family
- Incorporates experiential therapy, mindfulness based interventions, play therapy, reality therapy, and cognitive therapy based techniques
- Registered Play Therapist in Process, Triple P Provider (Positive Parenting Program)

Matthew Webb, LPC
Mental Health Therapist



- Specializes in depression and anxiety, family concerns, isolation, relational issues, stress, existential topics, & identity development
- Services for adults, plus teens from 14 years of age
- Practices substance use counseling from a harm-reduction model 
- Advocate for LGBTQIA+ community and underserved populations

Rachel Edwards, LPC
Mental Health Therapist



- Specializes in couples counseling for a wide range of relationship concerns and helps form supportive relationships through healing & understanding
- Works with individuals providing therapy for life and family transitions, anxiety, depression, and more
- Marriage and Family Therapist Associate under the supervision of Deborah Armstrong Ph. D.
- Uses effective, evidenced-based practices to address individual and couple's treatment goals

Brianna Hall, LMFTA
Mental Health Therapist



- Specializes in anxiety management, depression, grief, & childhood anger 
- Services for children as young as ten, young women and men up to age 22, adult females, and parents
- Author of O Survival by Grace about overcoming life's obstacles 
- Focuses on Self-Awareness, Personal Goals, and Emotion Processing 
- Uses Empowerment Theory, Mindfulness, Person-Centered Therapy, and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy 

Odessa Young, LPC
Mental Health Therapist



- Specializing in  life transitions, identity development, grief, anxiety, depression, trauma, gender and sexuality, relationship dynamics, & substance use
- Clinical focus on treating the whole person using relational theory
- LGBTQIA+  affirming
- Services for adults 18+
-Licensed Professional Counselor Associate under the supervision of Ginny Gaulin, LPC

Heather Mack, LPCA
Mental Health Therapist



- Specializes in women-focused treatment of pregnancy, prenatal, & postpartum mental health, anxiety, panic, uncertainty, & self-criticism
- Perinatal Mental Health Certified 
- Author and clinician for The Wedding Check-In Premarital Counseling Series  
- Licensed and Board Certified Art Therapist
- Uses Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Existential approaches, Person-Centered Treatment, and Art Therapy 

Ginny Gaulin, LPCS
Owner & Therapist



- Conducts phone consultations for all new clients
- Schedules your intake session with a Well Center therapist 
- Friendly, welcoming approach to make the first step a positive experience
- Easy, reliable communication that never keeps you waiting long
- Ready to address any question or concerns - Ask away! 

Liz Fleming
Client Coordinator 



keep learning how to live.”

“As long as you live,

 - Seneca

Marriage counseling and couples counseling can be a lifesaver.  Seeking help for your relationship is a sign that your relationship is important and worth the effort.  Our couples therapist is here to work with you to change for the better.

Common treatment goals:
- improve communication
- decrease irritability & anger 
- address commitment issues, infidelity, or life goal differences
- build respect, understanding, and trust
- explore romantic and sexual wellbeing
- maintain what is working well

With informed care, relationships to be sources compassion, understanding, and fulfillment, not a source of stress or pain. 

Marriage &Couples Counseling

Parents often reach out at the recommendation of teachers and pediatricians or when life at home feels "off." Services for children age 5+ are available.  We work with the whole family in order to:

- Decrease anxiety and worry
- Reduce stress of life transitions
- Adjust to change
- Build anger and frustration tolerance
- Improve low self-esteem
- Work on goals for ADD/ADHD

Our licensed professional counselors  encourage skill building, self-expression, and exploration and allows for healing and growth to take place in a unique and creative way. 

Teen and Child

What are some reasons to seek our services?

- Uncontrollable worries that don't seem to stop
- Feeling overwhelmed by a new environment or in social situations
- Life transitions such as college, divorce, grief, moving, infidelity, break ups, and job search
- Wishing you could feel happier in your daily life
- Thinking there could be something "more"

During your intake session, your therapist will customize a treatment plan to meet your exact needs at this time.  Our treatment approaches include cognitive-behavioral techniques, motivational interviewing, person-centered approaches, trauma-focused interventions, and postpartum work. 

Individual Counseling

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Clinicians include: Brianna Hall  LMFTA, Heather Mack LPCA,  Dr. Lynne Cory LPC,  Matthew Webb LPC, Odessa Young LPC,  Rachel Edwards LPCA,  Ginny Gaulin LPC ATR-BC


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